What is a Performance Task?

Did you ever wonder what a Performance Task actually is? Worry no more, because the seven-part blog series “Defined Learning: Performance Task PD with Jay McTighe” answers this question. The blog doesn’t only tell you how Performance Tasks look like, it also tells you why we should use them, how we can design them and how we should evaluate them. Reading the different blog entries has helped me to understand Performance Tasks better and I already used several things that I learned from this blog in creating Rich Performance Assessment Tasks for my classes in university.

Jay McTighe, the author of this blog, is also one of the authors of the books “The Understanding by Design Guide to Creating High-Quality Units” and “The Understanding by Design Guide to Refining Units and Reviewing Results”. He also wrote many other academic books and has a long career in education, in which he helped to develop and share formative performance assessments.

Unfortunately, this blog only has seven entries and that’s it. There will be no new content anymore, which means in the case that some assessment paradigms change in the future the blog won’t respond to that. But until then you should read all the entries and enhance your knowledge about Performance Tasks!

Performance Tasks


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