Create educational comics with PIXTON

PIXTON is a website that allows you and your students to create Click-n-Drag Comics and storyboards for almost every topic you can imagine. The comic characters that you can generate have an unlimited range of expressions and you can move them into any pose. The website also comes with more than 3000 backgrounds for your stories. You can add speech bubbles, subtitles and descriptions to your comics. It is even possible to collaborate on a comic with different people from around the world. PIXTON is a great tool to help you make your lessons more visual and more engaging. I personally would use PIXTON for social studies or history lessons, because I think that students can relate to historic stories better, if they can visualize them in a comic. Another great thing about the PIXTON website is that it offers free full length lesson plans by real teachers that can give you an idea of how to use comics in different subjects.

PIXTON was created by a wife-and-husband team (Clive and Daina Goodinson) that wanted to offer a platform where people can create and share stories. The website is trusted by several schools and universities, including such renown institutions as Stanford University and Harvard University.

The only catch of PIXTON is that it is not free of charge! It comes with a monthly fee of $10.99 CAD for one teacher. For me as a student this price is currently too high, but I will look into PIXTON again in the future. If you are just curious about how PIXTON works, there is a free trial for 15 days and it is worth to check out the website!


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